The Gothic, Misteries and Legends

The Gothic and its Mystery José  Luis Corral is a  Spanish professor, historic, writer and author of same radio and TV programs deal  especially with Spanish Middle Age. He also published  historical articles and novels. In the 1992 he won the Silver Medal for the XXXIV  International Festival of Video and Television of New York…

International Young Film Makers Festival of Granada

International Young Film Makers Festival of Granada Will take place  from the 23th to 31th of October, in different places of the city, like the Isabel Catholic’s theatre, Earl of Gabia Palace, and the room of Val de Omar of the movie library of Andalusia. It is an international competition where rules the quality and plurality of…

Federico Garcia Lorca’s House Museum

The building that House Museum Federico García Lorca of Valderrubio shelters is a traditional house to work with two plants, built in 1915 on the foundations of the old house that Federico’s father was turning into the rural home of the family between 1905 and 1909. Living in this house Federico was to school and…

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