What Do You Need For Spanish Nationality?

Gaining Spanish nationality means that you will have all of the rights and benefits of being a Spanish citizen and a citizen of the European Union. In order to apply for Spanish nationality, it is necessary to go through a legal process. It can seem a bit complicated, but it is actually fairly straightforward to…

100% pass success October 2015 DELE Exam

In the last DELE examination call held in October 2015 (https://www.inmsol.com/spanish-courses-spain/spanish-courses-dealing-official-exams/preparatory-courses-diploma-de-espanol-como-lengua-extranjera-dele/), whose results have already been published by Instituto Cervantes (https://www.inmsol.com/blog/news/october-2015-dele-results/), 39 students from our school sat the exams for the following levels: B1 (24 candidates) and B2 (15 candidates) with 100% pass success. Most of them were from a group of Italian students who prepared…

6 Books to Learn Spanish

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, with approximately 5.86% of the world’s population speaking Spanish. It would be a very practical language to learn, especially if you’re living in North or South America. If you are a beginner looking to learn Spanish, here are five books you should consider reading:  …

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