Visit of our group of teenagers to the Alhambra!

Hi everybody: today we tell you about the visit of our group of teenagers to the Alhambra! These students have passed a couple of weeks with iNMSOL. As you already know, the Alhambra is the most visited monument is Spain, and one of the best rated thanks to its majesty, history and beauty. A MUST SEE…

Resources to Learn Spanish: Youtube Videos

One of the best resources to help you learn Spanish is by watching videos. Videos give you extra practice listening to speakers and seeing the movement of their mouths.

The legend of the Hall of Abencerrajes

Still haven’t known the charms of Alhambra? Definitely it is a must, if you live in Granada or you are passing through the city. Walking through the rooms, towers and corridors is a captivating experience and a delight for your senses. So, this time we bring you a legend sleeping in the walls of Alhambra,…

CCSE calls 2017

Pay attention to the CCSE calls 2017!! As you know, one of the requirements to obtain Spanish nationality involves overcoming the test of Constitutional and Sociocultural Skills of Spain (CCSE test). There will be 10 calls during 2017 (excluding August and December) and each call can be done at Instituto Mediterráneo Sol. The official dates of…

A summer in Granada learning Spanish with your friends

Learn Spanish by coming to Granada, Spain! Embark upon a summer adventure by enrolling in our Spanish Learning Center located in Granada. Our school, Instituto Mediterráneo Sol, is certified by Instituto Cervantes and offers classes of no more than ten students. Classes begin each week on Monday morning and continue all week through Friday. Enjoy…

The legend of the Palace of Amet

Amet, the strong warrior and chief of the tribe of the Aldorandines, lived in Granada during the reign of Mahomet V (the 8th king of the Nazari dynasty). Amet only thought about the war and was careless and indifferent to the love ups and downs. Even on the tip of his spear he attached a handkerchief…

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