Interview with the winner of Spanish in a Day contest

A couple of months ago we announced in our blog the winner of the Spanish in a Day contest, organized by Con C de Cine, and in which Instituto Mediterráneo Sol has collaborated directly in their B de Butaca category . We wanted to do an interview with the winner of this contest, so she could…

Get Motivation To Learn Spanish

Studying Spanish will bring you so many benefits. No matter what your age, you can learn a new language because your mind is always prepared for it.

Spanish courses for Senior students

If there is something we are proud of at Instituto Mediterráneo Sol it is to have students of all ages and try to adapt as much as possible to their specific needs. Let’s say, for example, our Spanish courses for Senior students.   Easy Spanish, adapted to real needs: students 50+ This summer we are…

Visit to the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel of Granada

During last week some of our students went to our visit to the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel of Granada, accompanied by one of our teachers, Roberto Arias. This visit, which is part of our program of weekly activities is very interesting due to the history surrounding both buildings. Let us tell you a little bit about it.…

The night of the perseidas – La noche de las perseidas

During these nights in August it will take place one of the most beautiful summer phenomenon: the night of the perseidas (la noche de las perseidas), a meteor shower that you should not miss. It is also known as the Tears of St. Lawrence (Lágrimas de San Lorenzo), and we will explain you why.   What…

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