Special programs adapted to American Universities

We are accompanied by a group of American girls who have come from the University of Texas, in order to do specific study programs. These are special programs adapted to American Universities, since they require a certain number of hours that will be validated for credits. In addition to the Spanish courses, some of them are…

December at iNMSOL with our Australian students

Christmas is a very nice period for all of us, although we feel sad today: we said goodbye to a group of girls that have stayed with us  for three weeks! They came from Australia, and we have had a wonderful time with them. Let us tell you how we have passed the month of December at iNMSOL with our…

Why Learn Spanish in Spain?

Some people study Spanish out of textbooks, while others rely on lessons or special programs. None works as well as traveling to learn Spanish in Spain

iNMSOLs Christmas dinner

As everyone realized, Christmas already arrived in Granada, even though there are some days left. But the iNMSOL team decided to celebrate Christmas a little earlier. Last Friday we had our Christmas dinner. We enjoyed it so much!   We went to the bar El Lechero which is located near the Fontiveros Square. We stuffed…

Tricks to learn Spanish vocabulary

Learning Spanish can seem like a daunting endeavor, especially considering all of the Spanish vocabulary you need to learn. Here is a list of five tricks.

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