Studying Spanish in Spain, Where to Live?

Learning Spanish in Spain is the best way to do it, but it does mean finding a place to live while you study. Fortunately, there are several convenient options to choose from, and all of them have the potential to help your studies in unique ways.

A year full of surprises: we celebrate iNMSOL’s 25 years

2017 starts as a very special year for us, as Instituto Mediterráneo Sol celebrates 25 anniversary! It means that it will be a year full of surprises: we celebrate iNMSOL’s 25 years and you will be the principal actors, so pay attention to our blog for this year. 25 years: time flies! It seems like…

Preparatory courses for DELE(A2) exams and the Spanish Nationality

Are you interested to get the Spanish Natioanlity?Do you need to improve your Spanish to do this?iNMSOL is here to help you achieve this goal in a very short time and at the same time with success. All you have to do is register to the Preparatory courses and study all the parts you need…

The Importance of Reading When Learning a Language

Learning a new language is hard work. In order to excel in it, you have to immerse yourself in it as fully as possible. This means more than just memorizing grammar rules and vocabulary words.

Advices for Passing the Writing DELE Exam

As you prepare to take the DELE exam, you may feel at a loss not knowing where to start. Here are several pieces of advice that will help you pass the written portion of the exam at your desired level

Let’s start 2017 in the best mood: by teaching Spanish!

Happy New Year to you all!! We are already back, starting a new year in the best mood: by teaching Spanish! That is why today, January the 2nd, we are also with you. We started 2017 with the desire of teaching Spanish, and we hope you have the desire to learn it! Although today is…

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