New flight destinations from Granada

New flight destinations available from Granada. Include Milan and Manchester. Learn the details of the flights you will have access to.

Tapas Route with our students on May

When visiting Granada, it is a must to visit the famous tapas bars. There, with just one cold beer you can eat a small portion of typical Spanish food. That is why our school iNMSOL always gives the opportunity to its students to experience this costume through a tapas route. Two weeks ago, we visited…

Continue practising Spanish at home

Language experts say that the best way for you to learn another language is to immerse yourself in the culture and include native speakers.

From Torun to Granada: our group of Polish students

We are used to receive groups of students from all around the world, but each of them leaves a special mark on us. On 29 April we had the pleasure of welcoming a group of students from Torun, a city located in the north of Poland. All of them are Spanish students from a prestigious…

Visit from Brasil – April 2017

April was a full month for our school iNMSOL, as we welcomed another group from Brazil. The students came from Salvador and stayed in Granada for a week, in order to taste the different language, culture and, of course, food of Spain! Along with the courses that they had every morning, iNMSOL gave them the opportunity…

We said goodbye to our Italian Friends

Two weeks ago (18/4/2017 – 30/4/2017) we had the pleasure to host a group of Italian students from Trento, accompanied by 2 teachers. The students attended an intensive Spanish course on Tourism and had the opportunity to visit our beautiful city through different excursions and guided tours. Given that the group stayed for two weeks,…

Crosses of May Festival in Granada

The festival was first celebrated in Granada in the XVII century, when an alabaster cross was erected in 1625 in the district of San Lázaro, and all the locals celebrated by singing and dancing around it. In the early 20th century, the children of the Albaicín and Realejo neighbourhoods set up little altars with Crosses in the streets and…

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