The legend of the King of the Silence

Do you know where the name of peak “Mulhacén” comes from? Muley Hacén was a King of Granada who knew to appreciate beauty and became the king of the silence.

The dates for the CCSE tests 2018 have been published!

The Cervantes Institute has published the new dates for the CCSE tests in 2018. Pay attention to the CCSE calls 2018!! As you know, one of the requirements to obtain the Spanish nationality involves overcoming the test of Constitutional and Sociocultural Skills of Spain (CCSE test). There will be 10 calls during 2018 (excluding August…

Why Granada?

Obviously you cannot deny that it makes sense to study Spanish in Spain, as the best way to learn a language is being in the country. But Spain is a big country with many beautiful cities. So why go to Granada? I’ll give you some of the most important reasons why studying in Granada is…

A perfect week with our group from Italy

Last week we welcomed a group of Italian teenagers from Tuscany at our Spanish school in Granada. Here the 6 students had the opportunity to improve their Spanish and get to know our beautiful city and the surroundings.   We’ve just spent a great week with our group of Italian students here at iNMSOL. In…

Reasons to get the DELE diploma

If you have ever had a desire to learn proper Spanish as a foreign language, look no further than iNMSOL. Our courses enable you to learn Spanish in Spain, the tongue’s motherland.

The DELE results are here!

The results of the DELE session of April 2017 have been published! From 6th July until 6th August you have the possibility to request a review of your exam in your account of the Cervantes Institute website.     Those of you, who have indicated their e-mail address during the enrollment, will have already received attached to the…

2 student groups from Austria at iNMSOL

Last week we hosted two groups of students from Austria at iNMSOL. The 32 teenagers, aged between 16 and 17, spent a week with us in order to learn Spanish and to know the city and our region. We have just spent a very pleasant week with 2 groups of Austrian teenagers, who came to Granada…

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