Mariana de Pineda Muñoz: Law, Freedom & Equality.

Or Mariana Pineda (1804 – 1831)  represents the symbol of the struggle for freedom in Spain during the Restoration of Fernando VII. She is not only part of the Spanish political history, but she is also an interesting character in the world of literature – indeed she has been the protagonist of one work composed…

The city of Rock: Granada Sound festival

Granada is one of that cities famous for its beauty, history and people. This weekend, on the 23th and 24th of September, Granada ( in particular Cortijo del Conde) will host one of the most important music event of Andalusia: the Granada Sound. On the poster of the event there are names such as: :…

We have enlarged our offer of activities and excursions for students!

Good news for our students! After the summer season we are back with a lot of news for you! We have enlarged our offer of activities and excursions for students. Here we would like to present our offer a bit improved then others activities and excursions already activated. Complentary services for our students. As you…

4 new connections at Granada’s Airport.

From this December it will be possible to fly to/from Gran Canaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Bilbao and Paris… Great news for the travel lovers!

Discover Granada: Tapas tour

As part of our weekly programme of activities, last Thursday iNMSOL organized a new trip of tapas for all our students. They have been accompanied by the teacher Mª Ángeles Madrigal. The trip had as main object one of most important areas of Granada: the Realejo’s neighborhood. Here the group tasted tapas in a local…

DELE certificate and iNMSOL.

The Instituto Mediterráneo Sol is a Spanish school situated in the centre of Granada  which offers its students  – of any age and level –  courses in Spanish during all the year. Our school presents many different benefits, including the preparation for DELE’s exam from one week and all over the year. Nowadays Spanish is…

5 Memory Hacks for Better Studying

When it comes to learning Spanish, remembering large lists of vocabulary is essential. This can seem like a daunting task at first, but there are a few methods you can use to make the whole thing easier. Try out these memory 5 hacks to study more effectively. Repetition   Simply repeating something over and over will get in…

Professional Advantages to study Spanish

According to an article published in U.S. News and World Report, people who speak more than one language have greater success in business than people who speak only one language.

Thinking About Learning a New Language? Choose Spanish

People have a variety of reasons for choosing to study a new language. Some people want to communicate while they travel, others are interested in business benefits, and some simply enjoy a challenge.

Federico García Lorca, the face of Spain.

While you are discovering a new city, it is always interesting to find out about famous people who were born in that place. Granada hosts one of the most famous poet and writer of Spain: Federico García Lorca. Federico García Lorca (1898–1936) was born near Granada in the village of Fuente Vaqueros, surrounded by social…

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