Program of the week

Like every week, this week Imsol also proposes a series of activities to make learning more stimulating and productive.

Spanish: global tool in business

Languages ​​allow us to better develop in the various business options that arise daily. Come to learn business spanish in Granada

How Learn a New language in Summer

Summer is the best period to learn a new language. It is the time when you are free and ready to adventure and explores new things

HocusPocus Festival 2017

From the 17th until the 26th of November Granada presents the “Hocus Pocus Festival”, a festival dedicated to magic.  

Origin of the name “Paseo de los Tristes”

If we talk about the history of  Paseo Padre Manjón probably nobody will knows what we are referring to. Citizens of Granada know the place as Paseo de los Tristes.

People from Granada

Granada is not just famous for its beauty, but also because in this city many people – who signed the history of Spain- were born: musicians, artists, writers and so on.

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