Language-Learners Coming to Spain: What to Decide Beforehand?

You know you want to learn Spanish, and you want to do so in Spain, but what else do you need to keep in mind and have decided before you arrive? Read on for some tips to make your trip, and summer in Spain, an unforgettable one.

Happy World Book Day 2018

From April the 20th to the 29th, Granada celebrates the World Book and Copyright Day 2018 by proposing a program that revolves around books, writers and literature.

International Day for Monuments and Sites 2018

Between April the 17th and the 22nd, Granada celebrates the International Day of Monuments and Sites 2018 with a program of free cultural activities that you cannot miss!

iNMSOL hosts three groups of students from Switzerland

Since many years, Instituto Mediterráneo Sol, hosts a lot of students’ groups from all over the world, and last week was the turn of three groups of students from Switzerland, who stayed in Granada during the Holy Week.

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