AVE arrives in Granada

Finally! Today we want to share with you a fantastic news. The high-speed ​​train (AVE) has arrived in Granada on Tuesday almost 20 years after the first news. AVE routes connect Granada with Madrid and Barcelona and include the new 122-kilometer long line between Antequera (Malaga) and the Andalusian capital. The AVE connection to Granada…


This Sunday the most magical and short night of the year is going to be celebrated. The night of San Juan is an appointment marked on the calendar which welcomes summer in an atmosphere of enjoyment among friends and family. Concerts, parties, parades… There are many acts that a wide variety of municipalities develop for…

Feria de Granada 2019, let’s start!

Students and visitors of Granada, pay attention! It will be no long before the start of “La Feria del Corpus”, which will be celebrated from 15th to 22th June. During the main event of the city, we can find the typical elements of Southern Spain festivals: decorated casetas (huge tents) with drinks and typical recipes,…

Learn with songs

Many of the iNMSOL students ask us for advice on ways to practice Spanish, or additional learning methods to classes that are not boring. Following your suggestions we propose one of the techniques that will entertain you the most: songs. Why learn with the songs? For several reasons. Music brings us many benefits when learning…

La Casa del desierto is Black Mirror’s new set!

We’ve got a new cinema province! The famous English series Black Mirror, broadcast by Netflix, has chosen la Casa del desierto, located in Gorafe (Granada), as the place where to set the new episodes of its fifth season. As many people know, Black Mirror is a science fiction series whose characteristics is the representation of…

A thousand colours weekend!

The city of Granada always offers to its dwellers and visitors a wide variety of any type of activities, especially during Spring and Summer, when it’s full of people who want to enjoy the beauty and the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful Spanish cities. Instituto Mediterráneo SOL always proposes to the students to discover the city in all of its cultural aspects so that they can totally enjoy their stay in Granada.

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