European Night of Researchers

Today, Friday, September 27 is a great day for our city and for Europe. Almost 400 cities in 30 European countries will celebrate the “European Night of Researchers” for the seventh consecutive year. It will be a night of leisure and culture, where adults and children will discover how men and women do science. iNMSOL…

Trento on tour

On Thursday, August 29, a group of Trento’s students arrived from Italy, sharing their experience with us in Granada. They arrived around 5.30pm, the guys of Trento met the families where they  would be hosted for 15 days. Living with these families aims to integrate Trento’s students  into the Spanish culture, they have the opportunity…

Results of the July 2019 DELE exam

The results of the July 2019 DELE exam have already come out! iNMSOL informs you that the qualifications of the July 2019 call have just been published. We will explain how to consult them. The review of grades began on Friday 08/30/2019, and will end on Sunday 09/29/2019. All candidates who entered their email at…

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