Five reasons to visit Granada

Andalusia is a region of Spain, considered by many to be the most fascinating and picturesque part of the Spanish nation. Of the various cities in this part of Spain, Granada is certainly among the most important and popular. There are many reasons for a trip to this city, but here we would like to…

A must in Granada: eat and eat a lot!

We can not  forget in our list of essentials some sites that we recommend to “go tapas”. Here in Granada especially, it is very typical to order a drink and with that they give you some food, did you know? What is “ a tapa”?   The tapa is something that you will find only…

Day of the Cross 3 May

On this day, one of the most popular festivals in Andalusia takes place in Granada. The whole city, its streets, its squares are filled with altars in honor of the Holy Cross. This festival has Christian and pagan origins, and this year we will  celebrate it after two years of pandemic. History of the Day…

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