Accredited Centre by Instituto Cervantes

Why to study Spanish in an Accredited Centre?

Because an Accredited Centre by the Instituto Cervantes:

  • Meet certain quality standards in the teaching of Spanish.
  • Meet the legal requirements for carrying out teaching activities.
  • Use adequate teaching resources.
  • Have a properly qualified and trained teaching team.
  • Implement a teaching plan guaranteeing satisfactory progress.
  • Set a maximum number of students per class.
  • Present publicity which reflects accurately the services offered.
  • Outline course and supplementary services fees clearly.


iNMSOL: Accredited Centre by the Instituto Cervantes

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol is an accredited centre by the Instituto Cervantes since 2002, ininterrumpidly. The Instituto Cervantes carries out periodic inspections and renews accreditation permits every three years. Only Accredited Centers may use Instituto Cervantes ‘ logos and only them can advertise this way.


Accredited Centre by Instituto Cervantes



Instituto Mediterráneo del Sol (iNMSOL), has been accredited by Instituto Cervantes, which means it meets the conditions set by Instituto Cervantes Accreditation System for Centers, the only International accreditation exclusively focused on the teaching as Spanish as a foreign language.

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