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Activities, news and live related from our students and Granada to enjoy and learn Spanish.

The Book Fair in Granada 2024

From April 19 to 28, the 42nd Granada Book Fair will occupy the center of the city, from the Fountain of the Battles to the Carrera de la Virgen, with its booths, bookstores, publishers, readers and guests.

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Complex sentences in Spanish

Mastering complex sentence construction is an advanced level in learning Spanish. It enables students to express more sophisticated and particular ideas, improving the fluency and effectiveness of communication. For those who want to improve this skill, iNMSOL offers a wide range of educational resources. 1.

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Difference between Spanish in Spain and in Latin America

Spanish, with its dialects and regional variations, has notable differences between Spain and Latin America. These differences range from pronunciation to lexical level. They are also fundamental to understanding the richness and diversity of the language. For those interested in learning more about these variations,

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The History of the Spanish Grammar

Spanish grammar, with its Latin roots and the influence of other languages over the centuries, has a special history. Understanding this evolution not only enhances language learning but also offers a unique perspective on the culture and history of Hispanic countries. For those interested in

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