This year 2013, for the Alhambra and Generalife was the best year of tourism thanks to the presence of 2,315,017 visitors, up 2.42% over the last year.
As for the number of visitors by type of visit, around 1,960,000 passengers have enjoyed the “Alhambra general” visit. Of the total amount of visitors in 2013, 54% were individual tourists, 37% had a guided organized tour and 6 % participated in some cultural or institutional program.
It has also been detected a marked increase in taking part to the museum and exhibition program organized by the Council of Alhambra, becoming 2.35% compared to 2012.
In the performing arts and other activities undertaken during 2013, almost 68,500 people attended performances, among which especially the Festival of Music and Dance.
The origin of tourists was, for about 36.87% , from Spain, while most of the rest from Europe.

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