Fans of popular music shouldn´t miss the actual Eurovision Song Contest, one of the most important competitions in the European music scene and the oldest TV show in the world (it´s broadcasted every year since the first contest in 1956).

The 61th Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. On Tuesday 10 of May we could see the first semifinal of Eurovision in which the following countries were qualified: Germany, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Russia and the host county, Sweden.

Barei, whose real name is Barbara Reyzábal González-Aller, is a Spanish singer-songwriter, born in Madrid in 1982. Barei released her first album, called Billete para no volver, in 2011. In the 61st Eurovision Song Contest Barei will represent Spain with the song “Say Yay!”.

The second semifinal night will take place on Thursday 12th of May at 21.00. On Saturday 14th Saturday at 21: 00, will take place the final night of the contest, it will surely be a great show! You can see the show on “La 1” channel.