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DELE A2 preparation course at INMSOL

This week takes place the July call for the DELE exams, and we are pursuing a DELE A2 preparation course at INMSOL, in order to prepare our candidates for the tests. The written test will be held on July 15th, Friday, for all candidates. And yesterday we started doing the oral tests, for which each candidate has an assigned day and time.

Since the new law for obtaining Spanish nationality was into effect last year, any person wishing to obtain the Spanish citizenship must pass the CCSE exam. If the person wasn’t born in a,Spanish-speaking country, they are also required to pass the exam DELE A2.

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol, being accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and being an official examination center for DELE and CCSE, we celebrate all calls for both exams.


Preparatory courses for level A2: Specially designed to get the Spanish nationality.

There is a preparatory course for the DELE A2 examination going ahead this week. It is the fourth time we organize this course in 2016. We will open a group to prepare these tests during the week of every DELE call (with a minimum of 2 students), and we offer a special reduced price to those who are in the process of the Spanish nationality.

Preparando el DELE A2

These courses are designed to have a general preparation for the DELE A2, for 4 days. Our teachers are official examiners DELE, and they will help you to study each of the tasks of these tests, to acquire the security and pass them all.

A class eager to learn.

Since Monday, some of the candidates for the DELE A2 are attending this training course, with our teacher Mª Ángeles Madrigal. Our students are proving eager to learn and are putting a lot of effort on all tasks. They have spent many years living in Spain, some of them reside in Granada and others live in cities like Lorca or Almeria. They are spending this week with us to focus on studying and passing the DELE A2 exam. They are originally from Pakistan, Morocco, etc., even if they seem Andalusians because of their nice accent!

Curso DELE 1


INMSOL wishes you all the luck in the world! We want you to pass the DELE A2 and obtain the Spanish nationality. Nerves out, guys!

Curso DELE 2

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