Flamenco shows at the Generalife Gardens: Lorca and Granada.

As every summer since 2002, an astonishing flamenco show takes place in a unique spot: the Generalife Gardens of the Alhambra.  This show mixes the powerful artistic figure of Federico García Lorca, the most famous Grenadian poet of all times, and the captivating attraction on the Flamenco dance in a performance that will amaze you.

Flamenco en el Generalife

The current 2016 edition is composed of 30 acts, that will take place between the 19th July and the 27th August, starting at 22.00 hours. You will enjoy the Andalusian Flamenco Ballet and its new exhibit “TIERRA – LORCA. Cancionero popular”, a brand new choreography prepared by the director Rafaela Carrasco. The spectacle will have the special cooperation of Mayte Martín from the 27-30 July and the 9-26 August.

Do not miss one of the most beautiful oportunities to enjoy Flamenco in Granada! More info by clicking here.

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