During these nights in August it will take place one of the most beautiful summer phenomenon: the night of the perseidas (la noche de las perseidas), a meteor shower that you should not miss. It is also known as the Tears of St. Lawrence (Lágrimas de San Lorenzo), and we will explain you why.

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What are the perseidas? The Tears of San Lorenzo

It is a meteor shower that takes place between late July and mid-August. This meteor shower is caused by small particles that collide with the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed, causing a flash of light known as a meteor or shooting star.

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The phenomenon occurs every year when the Swift-Tuttle comet approaches the solar orbit, and its origin was discovered more than a century ago, even if it is aware of its existence since 36 d.c.!

Since the Middle Ages the celebration of Saint Lawrence (who was burned at the stake) is associated with the perseidas, as if they were his holy tears shed during its execution, as it coincides on time, on August 10.

The best way to observe the perseidas: some tips

Tonight will be the busiest in the sky: a greater number of shooting stars is expected, five times more than in other years. We give some tips if you want to watch it properly:

  • The best time for viewing the perseidas will be from 01.00 / 02.00 hours in the morning.
  • We recommend you go to an open place, as dark as possible, away from light pollution.
  • No telescopes or special equipment are required to observe it, just need to be patient!

Perseidas en Sierra Nevada

You will also have the opportunity to observe the meteor shower tomorrow. Granada will be a very good place for it. Different activities are organized in Sierra Nevada and they are a really good idea if you want to enjoy the shooting stars from the observatory! Get more info by clicking here.

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