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4 Spanish series that help you to improve Spanish

In the post where we have given you 6 tips to practice any language at home, one of them was watching series. Today we talk about 4 Spanish series that will help you to expand your vocabulary and knowledge of history and culture of Spain.

  1. Cuéntame cómo pasó (Tell me how it happened)

Is a Spanish television series which has been broadcast on La 1 since 2001. This series recounts the life of a middle-class family, the Alcántara, who lives in the fictional district of San Genaro in Madrid.

The series was created to celebrate the first 25 years since Spain´s transition to democracy. Through the experiences of Alcántara´s family, the history of Spain is narrated during the last years of the rule of Francisco Franco and the beginning of the Spanish Transition to democracy.

Thanks to the dialogues, which are slow and understandable, Cuéntame cómo pasó is a good example of serie to improve your Spanish. Watching it you have also an opportunity to learn more about Spanish history and observe how society of those times was.


  1. Los Serrano

During 5 years the Spaniards were able to follow the life of Serrano family in Telecinco, who conquered not only Spain. The series became so famous that even viewers in countries such Poland, Serbia, Russia or Finland got hooked to her. The fiction tells the story of Diego Serrano who marries Lucía Gómez; both have children from other marriage. The both families will have to learn to live together under the same roof and understand each other despite differences.


  1. Allí abajo (Down there)

Is a Spanish television comedy series broadcasted on Antena 3 since 2015 that revolves around Iñaki, a Basque man who has never left Basque Country. But one day he is forced to do it, he has to accompany his mother to Seville. This trip will mean for him a new beginning…


  1. El Ministerio del Tiempo (The Ministry of Time)

About this series we don´t want to tell too much as is better to find out yourself what hide the tittle. We only assure you that is a series that will hook you after only one episode and you will want more and more.


If you have seen any of these series or know more that have helped you in improving your Spanish, tell us about them on our Facebook profile.

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