As for its programme, its contents and the way to expose them to the public, the Internacional Festival of Music and Dance of
Granada is a living instrument of cultural, educational, tourist and socio-economic action, where EMOTION is the
common denominator.

The Nasrid Palaces and the centennial gardens of the Granada Alhambra are the best invitation cards of this Festival and
a framework mark for its activities. In early summer, a-hundred spectators will enjoy the music and the dance
at the scent of the deep vegetation of the Alhambra gardens and under the impact of the wonderful Nasrid, Renaissance or
Romanesque arquitecture, that changes Granada into the so-called Puerta del Sur.

However, together with the activities planned in the Alhambra, a wide mosaic of artistic opciones for daily enyoy
is extended among the city of Granada and its province, that is the FEX or an extend of the Festival. The most gorgeous
monumental sites (Catedral de Granada, Capilla Realo, Monasterio de San Jerónimo, Abadía del Sacro Monte, La Cartuja,
Real Chancillería, Casa de Castril, Casa de los Tiros, iglesias, etc. ecc,..) together with the contemporary ones,
the multiple squares and the intersections of the streets, make the festival an event for thousands of
people, which are all the visitors and tourists coming to Granada during the Festival. Granada is not only a city,
but also a province. More than ten town councils come anually to this cultural Festival with such a programme that
also covers the most unique and suitable side of each place.

This extraordinary enviroment includes also a determined education and training vocation. The Internacional Courses
Manuel de Falla continue to be, after forty years from its creation, a special place to complete a formation of a high
level. Hundreds of young people every year choose these Courses because they attend different disciplines in the area of
creation, research, music interpretation, scenic photography, dance, art workshops and disability. All the courses of
Manuel de Falla include academic formation, practice and exhibition activities.
Workshops, profesors and students’concerts, performings, exhibitions,publications, etc. are present every day at the Festival.

 We would like you to participate to these activities in the palaces and gardens of the Alhambra, and in the Granada ancient,
historical and contemporary monuments.   

Welcome to the Festival!


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