To make studying and learning more productive and stimulating, Instituto Mediterráneo Sol offers to the students a wide range of activities.

iNMSOL this week proposes:

MONDAY at 16 – Route of statues of famous people in Granada

The students will be able to walk with a guide through Constitution Avenue to take advantage of the wonderful statues that are there.

The meeting point is the iNMSOL school.

TUESDAY at 16 – Short Workshop

The students will see some shorts and then work with it with exercise and terulias

The activity will take place at school

WEDNESDAY at 16 – Pronunciation workshop: all levels

Thanks to this workshop students will be able to improve their pronunciation of Spanish

The activity will take place at the iNMSOL school

THURSDAY at 16 – Grammar workshop: intermediate levels (A2 / B1 / B2)

Students are invited to take part in this workshop so they can deepen the learning of grammar

The activity will take place at school


iNMSOL proposes an evening completely dedicated to cinema

Argument: At the end of the ninth century, in the Spanish colony of the Philippines, a Spanish detachment was besieged in the town of Baler, on the Philippine island of Luzon, by revolutionary Filipino insurgents, for 337 days. In December 1898, with the signing of the Paris Treaty between Spain and the United States, the war between the two countries was formally ended and Spain ceded sovereignty over the Philippines to the United States. Because of this, the besieged in Baler are known as “the last of the Philippines”. (FILMAFFINITY)










Saturday November 18 – Organize Travel Invita

Price € 49

The price includes: transportation, guide, lunch in restaurant and travel insurance.

Registration and payment at the Secretary’s Office on Monday at 2:30 p.m.


iNMSOL not only proposes excursions outside of Granada such as Morocco, but also the possibility of attending a Flamenco Show in a cave of Sacromonte or also relax the Arabic baths Aljibe de San Miguel.

What you have to do is just is check with at the Secretary’s Office!