During the month of June the iNMSOL school has received many teenagers from various parts of the world. The importance of an experience in a foreign school lies in the fact that not only can you learn a new language, but you also have the possibility to meet new people and enrich yourself culturally.

Let’s see how our teenagers have lived these weeks in iNMSOL.


During their stay in Granada, the students have studied Spanish every day attending the intensive course in the morning. This course consists of 20 weekly classes distributed from Monday to Friday, 4 classes a day to learn and practice.

Thanks to the workshops and the games in the afternoon they have kept on learning the language in a more practical and fun way, putting into practice the morning classes, something more theoretical. But let’s not forget that our teenagers have also enjoyed many activities around the city of Granada.


During the first week of stay the young people visited the center, the Realejo neighborhood and the garden of Carmen de los Martires, discovering the most important and suggestive parts of the city.

Carmen De Los Martires

During the weekend they visited the Science Park, Planetarium and Biodome in Granada and, after a Sunday dedicated to the rest, another week began in which they lived the Granada Fair, coinciding with the most important procession of the year, that of Corpus Christi, which took place on Thursday, 20th June.


The Spanish courses and the activities continued every day: they visited the magnificent Albayzín district, one afternoon in the bowling alley and others in the school among workshops and the film evenings we have every Friday with all the students of iNMSOL.

Since in Granada it’s very hot, a day at the beach was essential, so during another weekend our teenagers visited the city of Almuñécar and in particular its beach, one of the most characteristic ones in the coast of Granada.

During the last week of the stay, the teenagers discovered the soul of Granada through a visit to the Alhambra and the Generalife, and a flamenco show in a gypsy cave in the Sacromonte neighborhood, the cradle of flamenco.

Alhambra (2)

We hope we have met the expectations of these teenagers, for us it has been a pleasure to be with them and we are happy to know that every year, when school ends, many teenagers choose a period of stay abroad to get to know a new city, learn a different language and open their minds.

Good luck to you all and see you soon!

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