Hi everybody: today we tell you about the visit of our group of teenagers to the Alhambra! These students have passed a couple of weeks with iNMSOL. As you already know, the Alhambra is the most visited monument is Spain, and one of the best rated thanks to its majesty, history and beauty.



Adolescentes Alhambra


The Alhambra is a unique monument, a must see for our guys in Granada, they couldn’t miss it! So last Wednesday, after their Spanish classes and a yummy lunch with their host families (the best accommodation for teenagers), and despite of the high temperatures,
they went to the Alhambra with the amazing guidance of our teacher Mª Ángeles Madrigal.




The afternoon was really warm, but the walk around the nice gardens and fountains chilled the visit a little, and let our students enjoy their time there. They loved the visit to the Torre de la Vela (the highest part), for the amazing views from there, and they got lost in the gardens of the Generalife, such a nice atmosphere!




We were thrilled with the Alhambra, and we will go on visiting it with all our teenager students in the future!