2017 starts as a very special year for us, as Instituto Mediterráneo Sol celebrates 25 anniversary! It means that it will be a year full of surprises: we celebrate iNMSOL’s 25 years and you will be the principal actors, so pay attention to our blog for this year.

25 years: time flies!

It seems like yesterday when Instituto Mediterráneo Sol opened for the very first time the 1st October of the year 1992… time flies! We started this project with the aim of promoting the practise of the Spanish language, and we keep on doing it since then! We love our language, but we do love more when our students learn Spanish with us. It has been a lot of work and dedication until we reached the best standards of quality to give

25 years of lessons

Students from many different countries along our 25 years

We are lucky to have welcomed students from many different countries along our 25 years of activity. We keep a very special memory from each student, because they are the reason why iNMSOL is able to grow and to evolve, we wouldn’t be here without you guys!

Students at iNMSOL

A special year for all of you

25 years are not met every day and that’s why we want to organize a special year for all of you. Students are the driving force of our activity, and what better than dedicating this 2017 to all who have passed through our classes, and to those who will come soon! So, guys and girls, our anniversary is dedicated to you with all our love and gratitude.

iNMSOL 25 Years


So this is the countdown for an unforgettable year in Granada! Stay tunned and don’t miss our celebrations.

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