At our Spanish school in Granada, iNMSOL, not only students take Spanish courses to learn and improve their Spanish. Actually we organize an activity program for students who can follow their learning in a more relaxing way.

This week we proposed this program:

  • Monday: Guided tour discovering the Graffiti area in Granada. The most known Graffiti painter in Granada is the so called “Niño de las Pinturas”, whose paintings decor many walls of the city. His style is unmistakable as well as his details: children, aged people, wheels…
  • Tuesday: Guided tour to Alhambra with our professional guide, Juan, who every student loves.
  • Wednesday: Extra lesson of grammar, very useful to review some topics. This week the teacher focused on verbs that need prepositions and adjectives that complete their meanings.
  • Thursday: Extra lesson about Spanish short movies. This week the teacher prepared a class on two short movies, “Éramos pocos” and “El número”. After watching them students talks about them on the basis of some questions and exercises.
  • Friday: Movie at school. This week we showed “Los abrazos Rotos” (Broken Embraces, Almodóvar, 2009). Almodóvar is maybe the most known Spanish filmmaker and here at iNMSOL we almost have all his movies!!
  • Saturday: we propose a tour to the Tropical Coast with our guide Juan. In this trip students can visit Almuñécar, Nerja (with the caves) and Frigiliana and have time for a bath and relaxing on the beach.

See you next week with another cultural program!!

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