Experience an adventurous route through Monachil!

Do you want to enjoy an adventurous experience around Granada? Well, Monachil with the route of Cahorros is perfect for you.

Contrary to popular belief, in and around Granada you can enjoy a variety of sporting activities.

Have you ever heard of the route of the Cahorros del río Monachil?

It is located in the province of Granada, only 15 minutes by car from Granada, in the heart of the snow, in the Sierra Nevada National Park, and crosses the Monachil river by means of wooden footbridges, stairs and suspension bridges.
The sound of the water will accompany you all along the way making the route seem more pleasant and relaxing. You will also enjoy breathtaking views.
In addition, it is, of course, not recommended to go on rainy, windy or stormy days. Therefore, autumn is the perfect season for this excursion as it is neither too hot nor too cold.

How to get to Monachil?

You can reach Monachil by car, taking the road Gr 3202 in the direction of Barrio de la Vega. Alternatively, you can reach Monachil by bus by taking bus number 183. The bus takes you to the Paseo del Salón and will take you directly to the route.

What else is there to do in Monachil?

Apart from the Cahorros route, you can enjoy local products such as tostas or tapas. You can also go to a tea shop; among these we recommend the Barbería de Monachil, where you will have a different experience because you will eat or drink your tea in a real cave! There are also places like bars, cafes where you can listen to jazz music and enjoy a very good atmosphere.
So, if you want to do something different and adventurous, you can’t miss this town.
Surely you will love this getaway from Granada!

From iNMSOL we remind you to bring water, suitable hiking clothes and shoes and, why not, a great spirit of adventure!

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