From 28th October, the Antiquarian and Second-hand Book Fair will be held in Granada.

Did you know that the Antiquarian and Second-hand Book Fair 2021 starts tomorrow?

At a time when people prefer to read everything online and through a screen, traditional booksellers do not give up. This year they come to their annual event with copies for all audiences and remind us of the importance of maintaining the traditional means of reading.

At the Antiquarian and Second-hand Book Fair, the booksellers offer antique and second-hand books, as well as posters, comics, stories… And everything to do with printed paper. This material, rescued from warehouses or bookshelves in their bookshops, will be out in the fresh and colourful autumn, allowing the enjoyment of curious and amateur readers.

A little history of the Antiquarian and Second-hand Book Fair

The first book fair in Spain was held in Madrid in the early 1920s. The idea was to emulate the book fairs held in other European cities, such as Lyon, Florence and Leipzig, which were usually held at the end of April.

These fairs were a social and cultural event attended not only by the most influential publishing houses of the time, but also by members of royalty and the Ministers of Culture of almost all European countries.

In 1975, the Asociación Amigos del Libro Antiguo (Friends of the Antiquarian Book Association) created the I Feria del Libro Antiguo, Viejo y de Ocasión (First Antiquarian, Old and Second-hand Book Fair) in Madrid. They tried to differentiate themselves from the (new) Book Fair, which was attracting more and more people, in order to make room for bibliophiles and collectors who were less inclined to crowds.

Therefore, between 28 October and 14 November we will be able to enjoy all these treasures at the Antiquarian and Second-hand Book Fair 2021 in Granada, at the Fuente de las Batallas.

From iNMSOL we invite you to visit the book stalls, we are sure you won’t regret it!


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