Between 5 and 11 May in Seville , there has been one of the most important celebrations in Spain . We are talking about the famous April Fair, which takes its name because at first was held on about 19/20 of April, and then they decided to move it to May .
How was this “party” born ? Let’s read a little bit of history to understand

The origins of the April Fair are in August 25 of 1846 in Narcissus Bonaplata and José María de Ybarra who signed a proposition submitted to the City Council, asking for the permission for 19, 20 and 21 April to hold an annual fair .
The City Council looked favorably on the initiative of the Basque and Catalan (curiously Andalusians were not the precursors ) .
So in 1847 was held the first Fair in April .

With regard to the main door , that is the gateway to the Fair, this is different each year. This year’s was filed in July 2013, and the design was chosen by a jury of ten members. With the unanimity of the jury, the project presented by architect Gregory Esteban Pérez was elected.
The design of the main door of the April Fair in Seville 2014 is inspired by the water kiosks that were built in the city in the late nineteenth century. Furthermore, given that next year it’s also the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Canonical Coronation of Virgen de la Esperanza Macarena, he said that ” this can also be noted in the inclusion of many details of the crown and the Roman L , representative of the number fifty, adorning the crown that originally carrying the Virgin”

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