Well known in Granada, the “hammams” have a strong presence here in Andalusia. In the Arabic tradition, these baths had a strict relationship with the mosque, both part of the religious institutions.

We can define them as ancient type of health spa, but with an extraordinary architecture: decorated domes, rooms divided into hallways, arabic decorations, mosaics, fountains, courtyards, flowers and essence fragrances.


An experience in the arabic baths is something you should try at least once in your life and if you happen to visit Granada, this would be one of the best places in Spain to try them.

There are many different wellness packages, from the most cheap and short ones to the most expensive and intensive ones. The typical one starts with a light shower and a bath in lukewarm water that helps to create a relaxing atmosphere.

After that you can choose between the hot or the cold path which can stimulate the body’s circulation. You can also experience a body massage that lasts 15-20 minutes with amazing oil frangrances.

It is a stimulation of the 5 senses in a unique environment…after that you’ll feel born again!

To know more, you can do an easy research on the Internet to find the list of the best Arabic Baths in Granada! Don’t miss this oppurtunity!

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