Facua-Consumidores en Acción warned consumers about possible “abuses” that can occur in sales and asked the government to increase inspection and impose sanctions “exemplary” tu reduce every sort of swindle.

Some shops may make believe you that a 70% discount has been done, when only a” very small “percentage of products achieve this reduction. 

Facua recommended to be careful about what you buy for sale, look at the quality of the product and the current price before buying. 

It also recommended that, before paying, writing requesting information on the admission of returns for change of size or other circumstances not directly attributable to the establishment or the manufacturer, and recalled that if the item is defective the trader is obliged to change it. 

He also explained that if an establishment uses certain products such claim in his campaign advertising sales for sale must have a commensurate amount to the demand that can generate advertising. “If not, the consumer is entitled to require that within a short period of time to provide the article or another of the same or more features at the same price,” he said. 

The consumer organization recommended that users protect their rights and report abuse and fraud, while considering that the inspections should begin in the weeks before rebates, to sample products and then see if the sales announced are real.

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