During November 2011 DELE examination date (the deadline to register is October 14th), the new DELE examination to achieve level C2 will be held.

What is DELE C2 for?
DELE C2 is the highest and most advanced of the six learning levels established in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It certifies the level of Mastery.
The DELE C2 certifies sufficient linguistic competence to perfectly handle any kind of situation, proving a spontaneous capacity of adaptation to any context, with a great deal of semantic and grammatical precision. The language users express themselves fluently, with a high degree of specialization and complexity. 
The DELE C2 examination consists of three tests:

  • Test 1: Use of language, reading and listenning comprehension (90 minutes).
  • Test 2: Integrated skills: Listenning and reading comprehension, and written expression and interaction (150 minutes).
  • Test 3: Integrated skills: Reading comprehension and oral expression and interaction (20 minutes) (and 30 minutes for preparation).

A “passing” grade is required for each of the group of tests that a candidate sits during the same examination session.
The maximum possible score on the examination is 100 points, and a minimum score of 70% for each of the three groups is necessary.
The final grade is either PASS or FAIL.
Sample examination papers can be downloaded (as a PDF file) using the image you find below.




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