Celebrate All Saints’ Day in Spain

Every year, first of November, both in Spain and in other countries, make us remember our loved ones, those who have passed away. The origin of this day goes back to when the church began to honor, on a common day, those who died to profess their Catholic faith, during roman empire, by Diocleziano.

As a Spanish school we love our culture, and we want to tell you more about this celebration.

Food, spanish traditions and habits

After the Halloween scare, although every zone has their habits, there are activities that can’t miss for all spanish people. It’s tradition that everybody, first of all older people, go to cemeteries to visit relatives, laying flowers and candles at the graves. All cemeteries fill with light and colors, make that memories of these people remain, even if they’re not here. In addition, every church celebrate a special mass.

It is also customary to perform Don Juan Tenorio, a fantastic religious drama by José Zorilla. In fact, it became popular to perform it by torchlight, especially in cemeteries, to maintain the theme of the festival. One of the most important scenes is the dialogue between the gallant and the nun, when Tenorio is already dead. In Barcelona, for example, it has been performed for many years in the modernist cemetery of Poblenou.

One of the most interesting customs it’s for example that one in the north of Spain. The people start to go out for the streets to join the traditional Castañadas. A festival celebrated in Cataluña, where you can taste food based on chestnut with sweet wine.


Another example is in canaria. The families tell stories about dead friend, drinking and eating nuts.

In Galicia there is the belief that the deceased participate at the mass.

In Zamora they organize a procession for the cemeteries, laying candles, drawing the path of the souls.

Lastly, in Jaén the young people, lock the doors of the houses so that evil spirits do not enter.

Other unmissable activity for Spanish people during this day it’s enjoy the typical food, that every families make. Pastry shops are filled with sweets like: Huesos de santos, Gachas y Buñuelos de viento.

Many and varied ways to celebrate and honor our loved ones. So that they rest in peace, thanks to the love that those who are alive express during this day and forever. Celebrate All Saints’ Day in Spain!


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