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Celebration of the Andalusian Gypsy day in Granada

To mark the celebration of Andalusian Gypsies day (November 22), the Andalusian Gypsy Sociocultural Centre (Centro Sociocultural Gitano Andaluz) organizes a thematic exhibition called “Gypsies through their bibliographic jewels” (“Los Gitanos a través de sus joyas bibliográficas”). The exhibition shows 25 photographs donated by the Casa de los Tiros and Fundación Rodríguez Acosta with the purpose to let people know the past of the gypsies in the province of Granada in the twentieth century. The snapshots show their customs, songs, lifestyle and costumes.

It is also possible to have a look to literary works written by gypsies or whose development deals with this ethnic group, such as “La Gitanilla” by Miguel de Cervantes or “Cuentos de Andalucía” by Luis de León Domínguez. The exhibition takes place in the boardroom of Andalusian Gypsy Sociocultural Centre (Centro Sociocultural Gitano Andaluz) until November 30, 2011, in morning and afternoon.

At the opening of the exhibition the delegate of the Junta de Andalucía, José María Sánchez Rubio, spoke about the integration of the gypsy population in the province and regretted “the problems that they have to find a job or get a home due to the current crisis.” At the Sociocultural Gypsy Center they want to fight against negative opinions about Gypsies that contribute to negative social stereotypes.

In Granada more than 44,000 Gypsies live, the highest number is recorded in the capital with 8,500, 3,000 in Motril and 2,500 in Pinos Puente, so the ratio is very high in terms of total census.

More information at:

Centro Sociocultural Gitano Andaluz
Avenida Hospicio, S/N, 18010 Granada
958 80 41 56

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