Celebration of the “Spanish Day”
43 countries all over the world are celebrating the “Spanisch Day”

Many words were pouring from the Cervantes Institute main building around the celebration. That of yesterday will be remembered in the history as the first “Spanish Day”. Cervantes Institut lounched yesterday this festivity that’s celebrated in 43 coutries in the world. More than 450 million people speak this language, which is official in 21 of these. It’s supposed that, in three generations time, spanish will be understood from 10% of the global population, as consequence of United States becoming the first spanish speaking state in 2050.

The Cervantes Institute director, Carmen Caffarel, inaugurated yesterday  the “Spanish Day” Festivity in the institute domicile together with the culture minister, Ángeles González-Sinde. After a minute of silence at the beginning of the celebration, to remember the last ETA casualty, the policeman Eduardo Antonio Puelles García, a rain of words began to fall down; the worlds were proposed by the internauts, whose favourite word is «malevo» (a person of insidiousness).

Caffarel confessed she voted the world «añoranza» (yearning), but “if she could change it, she would choose «paz» (peace)”. On the other hand, González-Sinde used words more like «paz, solidaridad, libertad» (peace, solidarity, liberty), after a so “tragic year” caracterised from the latest events. Anyway, if she should choose, the culture minister said it would be “very hard to choose a word in a such rich language”, although among her favourite words there are “all the ones related with memory and nostalgia”.

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