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The characteristics of healthy tourism

Since ancient times water has always been symbolized as a source of youth for its powers of renovation and catharsis, also linked to divine and religious elements. In this way, talking about water and health has always been something stable in the history of Spain; although when we are talking about the “Cultere of water and its  therapeutic characteristics”, we refer with no doubt to the city of Granada.
The numerous amount of Arabian Baths, remains of thermal baths, springs, natural pools, are the best way to show the zenith that it has reached since then.


The elegant hygienical practices with perfumed creams  and the spiritual meaning related to the water, have put the base for the development of the “Hamman” or “Arabian Baths” along the territory. The building of the bath had to be very resistant in order to bear such an huge difference between the inside and outside temperature; for this reason the most used material for the construction was above all cement for the walls..
These majestic buildings, with very low capacity of ventilation, should have at least three or four lobbies equivalent to an hallway, the “elapodyterium romano and the “al-bayt al-maslaj” árabe”, in which people could have a rest and leave their clothes; going on there was a first refreshing pool, called “al-bayt al-barid”, in which people received body towels..
From the last on, you arrived to the most important hall, “el romano trepidarium”, a tempered location, with vapor stove. The last room, the “caldarium romano”, was composed of boiling waters and below there was the heating.  During the itinerary people could try vapor baths at different temperaturas..  finishing with other services that were offered, such as massages and hair salon.


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