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Complex sentences in Spanish

Mastering complex sentence construction is an advanced level in learning Spanish. It enables students to express more sophisticated and particular ideas, improving the fluency and effectiveness of communication. For those who want to improve this skill, iNMSOL offers a wide range of educational resources.

oraciones complejas

1. Use of subordinate sentences

Subordinate clauses in Spanish enrich sentences and allow the expression of causes, conditions, time, and more. Learning the correct use of these clauses is essential for constructing complex sentences.

2. Connectors

Connectors such as “aunque,” “sin embargo,” and “por lo tanto” are used to join ideas and concepts in a coherent way. Their proper use improves the fluency and clarity of the text.

3. Concordance of verb tenses

In complex orations, maintaining the correct concordance of verb tenses between the main sentence and subordinates stands out as essential. This concordance is the basis of consistency and grammatical correctness.

4. Direct and indirect style

Indirect style is prevalent in fiction and written conversations, Mastering these structures allows one to recount what others have said while maintaining grammatical clarity and precision.

5. Hypothetical and conditional sentences

Conditional sentences, including hypothetical structures, are an advanced aspect of Spanish grammar. These structures are useful for expressing possibilities, hypotheses and possible outcomes.


Why is it important to learn how to use complex sentences in Spanish?

Complex sentences allow more precise and particular ideas to be expressed, which is essential for effective communication in advanced contexts.

What resources are recommended for practicing complex sentence construction?

In addition to iNMSOL courses, reading complex texts and writing are effective exercises to improve this skill.

How can I tell if I am using complex sentences rightly?

The judgment of a professor or native speaker is certainly unparalleled. Analysis and review of well-written texts can also offer clear guidance.


Knowing how to construct complex orations in Spanish means being at an advanced level of language proficiency and is critical for effective expression in professional academic contexts. With constant practice and the use of resources such as those offered by iNMSOL, students will be able to develop this fundamental skill, being able to communicate in Spanish with clarity and precision. Succeeding in this endeavor will not only improve your communication, but will enable you to enrich your understanding of the Spanish language.

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