Concert of Ilegales in ‘El Tren’ of Granada
Thirty years of Ilegales on stage are coming to an end with a farewell tour, where only
8.000 privileged people
can see the full band repertoire; more than two hours of good
rock and roll at any pressure and emotion.

Ilegales will give an exhaustive and very special revision to the recently pubblished
anthology ‘126 Ilegales Songs‘ (more info

As for the impossibility to interpret all his work in a concert, the performance in this
tour wiil count on a more extended repertoire, different from what it can be seen in festivales
or other events. Ilegales is going to perform until the end of the year, where his carrer is going to finish
and change into Jorge Ilegal and Los Magníficos.

These are the dates for the ‘Gira de Despedida’, intitled ‘¡Adiós Amiguitos!’

Concert of Ilegales in the ‘Sala El Tren’ of Granada. Friday 18 of june.