The filmmakers exchanges letters and e-mails daily. It´s not a news. What is new is that some of them communicate with film pieces. Is the case of the Basque Victor Erice and Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, who previously did not know each other.

The original Erice´s proposal  has inspired similar correspondences between young directors like Jose Luis Guerin, Albert Serra and Isaki Lacuesta.

The cycle can be seen in Condes de Gabia every Thursday in February in the form of projections.

The next are:

  • Albert Serra (Spain) – Lisandro Alonso (Argentina), day 2
  • Jaime Rosales (Spain) -Wang Bing (China), day 9
  • Fernando Eimbcke (Mexico)-So Yong Kim (USA), day 16
  • Isaki Lacuesta (Spain) – Naomi Kawase (Japan), day 23


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