Cuevas Museum of the Sacromonte
Cultural programation: on the 31th of August 2010
All the activities start at 10 p.m
Cine:3 euros


Tuesday, the 31th of August: Cine al aire libre: “Somers Town”


  • Director: Shane Meadows
  • Screenwriter: Paul Fraser
  • Photo: Natasha Braier
  • Editor: Richard Graham


Just turned 16, Tommo no longer under the care of social services and escapes to London where you’ll find a lonely life full of difficulties.
Marek, a Polish immigrant, lives with his father, who spends his nights drinking with friends. Marek is a keen photographer, quiet and sensitive that it is not comfortable in the world of his father. Tommo and Marek try to adapt to their new environment, and after a chance meeting in Somers Town, London, formed an unexpected alliance. Without knowing his father, Marek welcomes Tommo at home. The two boys begin to earn money to projects of an eccentric and enterprising neighbor.
Meanwhile, the muse of Marek, Maria, a French maid, becomes the obsession of two young men.
But when she returns to Paris unexpectedly, the guys are devastated.
The situation worsens when Marek’s father discovers Tommo and slams it home.
Even if you have to travel to Paris, the guys are willing to go to the limit in order to find Maria. Only then, through friendship, achieve redemption.



Museo Cuevas del sacromonte: Barranco de los negros s/n 18010 Granada  Tel: 958.21.51.20

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