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Cycle “No necesitaban palabras, tenían rostro (Joyas del Cine Mudo IX)”

Also this year the University Film Club / Film Hall of the UGR CCCO program focuses on films made until 1928 and popularly known as “silent movies”. And now that critics and audience give up, thanks to the film “The Artist”, with the (re) discovery of the expressive possibilities of music and image together, without words, to tell a story, it is a great opportunity to appreciate the work of original creators of such singular skill in film history.

In this ninth cycle of “Joyas del Cine Mudo” you will enjoy several films belonging to different film makings(German, American, Soviet and French) and to works as varied in theme and visual expression as brilliant in its results. Thus, in this cycle we can see from the crazy comic farce, close to the animated cartoon, which is “The Oyster Princess” directed by a young Ernst Lubitsch, to the spectacular recreation of the world of the stock market and the corruption of power of money that the French Marcel L’Herbier makes in the stunning “Money”, going through the founding film of Hollywood adventure film, “The Mark of Zorro”, whose influences  reaches nowadays-. And again, we’ll see emotion and visual beauty of the delicate portrait of the childhood that the Belgian Jacques Feyder provides in “Faces of children” or the delicious everyday urban comedy about a singular menage a trois in the post-revolutionary Moscow that is “Bed and Sofa”-a clear precedent of the universe of French New Wave.

  • When? In february, on Tuesdays, 7 and 14 and Friday 3, 10 and 17 at 21:30 h in the Auditorium of the School Engineering Building (formerly University School of Architecture).
  • Free. + Info: UGR.
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