Christmas is a very nice period for all of us, although we feel sad today: we said goodbye to a group of girls that have stayed with us  for three weeks! They came from Australia, and we have had a wonderful time with them. Let us tell you how we have passed the month of December at iNMSOL with our Australian students.

After a long trip, the students could get some rest at their new accommodations: they stayed with Spanish families, who have taken care of them as they were part of the family! Loads of food and lots of talking.

The day after, they started their program of Spanish course and activities, which included the main attractions in town and nearby.


We organized for them some workshops, such as workshop of Christmas culture (including specific Christmas vocabulary and Spanish Villancicos), workshop of grammar or music. These were extra free classes about different intersting topics (all of them were held at iNMSOL) that complemented their daily general classes. These activities were focused on the level of the Australian students, although other students were more than welcome to join them!


Apart from their classes and the activities after class, we have prepared some interesting private excursions for them. Granada is a wonderful city, but if you stay here for more than a couple of weeks you will find time enough for visiting some other interesting places.

Our girls had the chance to visit other amazing city: Córdoba. A experienced guide drove them and spent the full day with them, so they learnt a lot with his explanations and getting to visit the main monuments of the city, the patios and so on. Furthermore, they travelled along the Costa Tropical, visiting the main villages of that area, and admiring the seaside.


As you already know, there are so many leisure options in Granada, and our students have chosen them very well! Some tours, guided by our teachers, a Graffitti route, the visit to the Science Park and a real practise in a typical food market!

Of course, they couldn’t miss the most visited monument in Spain: La Alhambra y El Generalife… not bad, ha?

Guided tour to monuments


If you want to immerse yourself in the Spanish culture you must experience these two things: going to a Flamenco show and a Tapas tour. Our Australian students did so, and it was great! They had so much fun, and they tasted the flavours of our famous tapas. The Flamenco show was captivating! It is our most known traditional dance, you shouldn’t leave Spain without watching it!

Students having tapas

Fried fish tapas

Fried fish tapas

But time flies, and our Australian students have gone back home… we already miss them! We hope to meet them again in the future, and we wish them all the best!

Australian students at activity