DELE exams are very close and we’ll be, also for this date, the DELE exam center in Granada.
These diplomas are the most important accreditation of a student’s Spanish level and many Spanish universities ask for it in order to accept foreigners who wish to study there. They are internationally recognized not only among educational institutions, but also in the business world.

Students can take 6 levels:

  • Diploma in Spanish Level A1: Breakthrough
  • Diploma in Spanish Level A2: Waystage
  • Diploma in Spanish Level B1: Threshold
  • Diploma in Spanish Level B1 for Schools
  • Diploma in Spanish Level B2: Vantage
  • Diploma in Spanish Level C1: Effective Operational Proficiency
  • Diploma in Spanish Level C2: Mastery

DELE exams can be held three times per year: in May, August and November. At this moment you can enroll in the August session by following this link. Remember that you have time only until July 26th!
Instituto Mediterráneo Sol offers courses leading to this exam. They are specific and based on the 5 tests of the exam where these fields are trained: oral expression, reading comprehension, use of language and writing. Here you can download sample examination papers.
You can start a course any Monday and you’ll get always a 10% discount on the course price if you take the DELE course with 4 classes per day.


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