Thanks to the program Erasmus +, which is primarily known for university exchange abroad, not only students are those who travel but also professors and young professionals. The aim of this program is to improve skills, boost employment and modernize education and the labor market.

erasmus plus

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol is one of these institutions which are involved in the Erasmus + program on several levels:


Instituto Mediterráneo Sol offers Spanish courses for groups which could be realized within Erasmus +. To take advantage of the program, it’s enough to enrol to this course and then just choose the appropriate language level, from basic one to the most advanced one. Spanish course for groups represents kind of Intensive Spanish course due to its number of lessons per week (15-20 lessons/week). Plus, it’s supplemented by our weekly program of free-time activities. The course can be terminated by DELE exam, if there is a call for it.


Another course, for which the Erasmus + program can be applied, is our course for teachers of Spanish language. We offer 3 levels of that course depending on the language level and requirement of each teacher. The basic one caters to B1 level and it’s focused on grammar, culture and conversation, so that the teachers would be introduced into the fundamental knowledge. The second one is enriched by didactics and it serves to those who wish to improve their previous knowledge. The last one is designated for advanced teachers who want to improve all aspects of Spanish language including the familiarity with Spanish traditions. The courses represent a unique opportunity to gain new experience in the field of language education, moreover, in Spain.


Spanish course for teachers


In addition to the course participants, from 2005, Instituto Mediterráneo Sol receives also Erasmus + students and recent graduates from various countries as the trainees.  Those who want to gain valuable experience and enhance their CV are gladly accepted at iNMSOL. Among the activities at developed by trainees belong translations, updating web sites, support for school students and many others.

We are not just a school for foreign students who want to learn Spanish, our Instituto Mediterráneo Sol wants to make our resources available to all the young people who want to avail of a great opportunity like the Erasmus +.

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