We can not  forget in our list of essentials some sites that we recommend to “go tapas”. Here in Granada especially, it is very typical to order a drink and with that they give you some food, did you know?

What is “ a tapa”?


The tapa is something that you will find only in Spain and is basically an appetizer that usually accompanies a drink. Here you usually go many tapas, order several dishes and share them with diners.  We tell you where we have eaten some of the best tapas!


  1. Los Manueles

No doubt Los Manueles is a perfect place for tapas. You order a drink and they bring you something freshmade the one of the day. They can get you  paella as well as fried eggplants with honey or meatballs, whatever. It’s all delicious and also cheap!

Our recommendation: ham croquettes, whose size is worth mentioning, and mixed paella, spectacular.




  1. Avila II

This is another restaurant worth trying! Next to your drink you can order a tapa from your list, totally free. If you want to continue eating without drinking more, each extra tapa costs only 1,70 euros!

Our recommendation: Ávila burger and grilled ham.



  1. Los Diamantes

If you love fish, you cannot leave Granada without having tried its classic. In this small bar they only serve fish, fried squid, prawns etc. Here you can not choose the tapa, they can serve you what they have that day, but everything is great, although the site always has many people.

Our recommendation: squid and hake, or fried eggplant with honey.






  1. La Sitarilla

This place can not miss in a tapas route through Granada. It is a very typical place with paintings of Granada on the walls, a very authentic atmosphere. They usually bring you an abundant tapa of meat in very good sauce, and everything is very cheap: a beer is 2 euros.

Our recommendation: ham croquettes or scrumbled eggs with potatoes and peppers.




  1. Bar la Riviera

If you don’t want to spend a lot, this is probably one of the cheapest bars. There is room to sit and the tapas are big and delicious.

Our recommendation: the Milanesa, the star of the bar, everyone asks for it! This is a fried chicken burger with bread, ali-oli sauce, vegetables and fries: you will dine only with 2 euros!


  1. Bodegas Castañeda

This site is very mythical and one of the most legendary, super granadino (or granaíno) there is a lot of atmosphere and the classic tapas are always the ones that win. Here a tapa is not enough,  if you are very hungry we suggest you to order the “Castañeda hot table”  a mixture of croquettes, potato tortilla, ham with sirloin and bread, salmon with roquefort etc.

Our recommendation: the granadino soak (vegetable salad, orange and smoked salmon). Or the ham croquettes and tortilla.


  1. Great Café Bib-Rambla

Even if it’s not tapas, we recommend this coffee to try some great churros! It is the churrería par excellence and churros are soft and crispy at the same time, while chocolate is intense and dense.


  1. La esquinita de Javi

Finally, we recommend this restaurant where you can eat incredibly good seafood.

Our recommendation: Russian salad, assorted fish and of course, seafood rice.



We hope that this list can help you to better know our culture through your palate! As always, we await you in our school iNMSOL and for more cultural information follow us on our social networks.

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