In the Iberian Peninsula there is only one Nazari alhóndiga that has been preserved in its integrity. It is the Corral del Carbón of Granada.

Currently located in the city centre, near the Alcaicería and the Cathedral, it is a building constructed during the Nasrid reign, in the 14th century, where under the name of Al-Funduq al-Gidida, or Alhóndiga Nueva, was used as an inn for merchants who passed by, as a warehouse to deposit the grain and as a wholesale market. By the way, the name with which it is known today was received after the Castilian conquest as it hosted the coal merchants.

Undoubtedly, what stands out most of the building is its magnificent portal, formed by a large arch and profusely decorated with plasterwork in the typical Nasrid style, while the patio, with a quadrangular floor, does not show any decorative excess, and the interior of the rooms, which now house offices, it is completely renovated.


As a matter of fact, among other things, the old building considered to be of cultural interest today houses the offices and administration staff of the OCG (Orcestra of the city of Granada), it is the headquarters of the International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada, and, above all during the summer, it becomes a stage for theatrical performances and flamenco concerts. In addition, it also houses the offices of the patronage of the Alhambra and Generalife, open to the public to request information and to book free tickets to visit this famous monument of the city.


How to get from the Cathedral:

Ph. Luca Sarti


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