Andalusia is a region of Spain, considered by many to be the most fascinating and picturesque part of the Spanish nation. Of the various cities in this part of Spain, Granada is certainly among the most important and popular. There are many reasons for a trip to this city, but here we would like to propose 5 reasons why you should definitely visit this place.



Among the first motivations is the Alhambra, one of the most visited sites in Spain. This historical place takes us back to the luxurious atmosphere of the Nasrid sultans of the Sultanate of Granada. You can admire the Alcazaba, or the oldest part of the city consisting of imposing towers and very thick walls from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is also possible to visit the palace of Charles V, which was built at a later date and which currently houses the Alhambra Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts of Granada. The wonderful and well-kept Generalife gardens, where the sultans once resided in the summer, amidst labyrinths, ponds and water features, must also be mentioned.



In a beautiful public park dedicated to the great writer Federico Garcia Lorca, you can visit his house, the Huerta de San Vicente. The house is located in the centre of the park, a suitable place for relaxation, peace, a walk or reading a good book. The famous poet from Granada composed important works such as Romancero gitano and La Casa de Bernarda Alba. The house still displays original objects, from furniture to manuscripts, as if time had never moved on.



There is nothing more typical and original in Granada than flamenco. In the area of Sacromonte, a district of the gypsy community, this Granada dance art was born. It is undoubtedly a very evocative place, where Zambra and gypsy flamenco are danced, with particular influences of Moorish dances. In the cuevas (caves painted white) one can spend pleasant dancing evenings.  They last all night until dawn to a crescendo of music and a mix of emotions.



Passing through the Arab quarter of the Albaicín, after strolling through the narrow streets where there used to be more than thirty mosques, you can reach the Mirador San Nicolás, a spot with a fantastic view overlooking the city, the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada mountain range. In this place there is no shortage of craftsmen, musicians and various artists who make the experience even more enjoyable.



In 1925 the famous Alhambra beer was born. It is brewed only with pure water from the Sierra Nevada and excellent Andalusí cereals. There are different qualities of this beer. The Rserva 1925 with its elegant bottle without a label, on which the name can be read in relief. It has a golden and slightly amber colour and is generally used to accompany tapas. Other variants are Alhambra Especial and Alhambra Reserva Roja.


So what are you waiting for? These are just five of the many reasons why you should have a wonderful holiday in an enchanting place. We are waiting for you!

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