We’ve got a new cinema province! The famous English series Black Mirror, broadcast by Netflix, has chosen la Casa del desierto, located in Gorafe (Granada), as the place where to set the new episodes of its fifth season.

As many people know, Black Mirror is a science fiction series whose characteristics is the representation of an imaginary future which is not that far from our reality, a future where the use of current technologies is taken to the extreme, with terrible outcomes.

That’s why the Gorafe’s desert, a place where nature still prevails on what is artificial, is the perfect site where men can “disconnect” from a world submitted to technology.

Despite the primacy of nature, in this place the presence of a glass house stands out. It’s a house immerged in the middle of nowhere, a glass cube made up of three layers realized in Luxemburg, with an isled and comfortable interior where to see the stars in the night (thanks to the absence of artificial lights) and the vastness of the universe in a magic silence.

In fact, the beauty of this place is the reason why the glass house has been chosen for other shootings by important producers and brands, like the magazine Mi Boda Rocks and the protographer Anna Ponsa López. Also the series Black Mirror had already shot an episode there, namely the second one, Smithereens, with Topher Grace – main actor in Spider Man 3 – starring.

In addition, the mayor of the town explained that “This is an important opportunity to consolidate the model of sustainable tourism development that we are promoting in our municipality.”

Not only is it a place where men can improve his old contact with nature, but it also teaches us how we could take care of the world and respect it, with engineering and architecture works which are less harmful to our environment. In fact it is considered an “extreme architecture” that explores and challenges the ways to make comfortable and efficient glass buildings.

In conclusion la Casa del desierto, between restoration of the contact with nature and architectural and engineering experiments, can serve as inspiration for future works and to protect the future of our planet.

We encourage our students to visit the area, it’s amazing!

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